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226enum projection; 226enum projection;
227struct attr; 227struct attr;
228struct attr_iter; 228struct attr_iter;
229struct callback; 229struct callback;
230struct item; 230struct item;
233 * @brief Holds information about a map
234 *
235 * This structure holds information about a map.
236 */
231struct map; 237struct map {
238 struct map_methods meth; /**< Structure with pointers to the map plugin's functions */
239 struct map_priv *priv; /**< Private data of the map, only known to the map plugin */
240 struct attr **attrs; /**< Attributes of this map */
241 struct callback_list *attr_cbl; /**< List of callbacks that are called when attributes change */
242 int refcount;
246 * @brief Describes a rectangular extract of a map
247 *
248 * This structure describes a rectangular extract of a map.
249 */
250struct map_rect {
251 struct map *m; /**< The map this extract is from */
252 struct map_rect_priv *priv; /**< Private data of this map rect, only known to the map plugin */
232struct map_priv; 255struct map_priv;
233struct map_rect; 256
234struct map_search; 257struct map_search;
235struct map_selection; 258struct map_selection;
236struct pcoord; 259struct pcoord;
237struct map *map_new(struct attr *parent, struct attr **attrs); 260struct map *map_new(struct attr *parent, struct attr **attrs);
238void map_ref(struct map* m); 261void map_ref(struct map* m);

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